Intel officially announces that it will produce video cards and former AMD Radeon chief will help

It was only yesterday that Raja Koduri, head of AMD’s Radeon Division, left the company, and today Intel confirms that it captured it. Intel video cards

The company says that Raja will help them to progress in integrated video cards, but also to enter the multi-segment video card market. Video cards will come in user, data center, AI and edge computing segments. In the words of Intel, “expansion will be aggressive.”

Raja will head the new Core and Visual Computing Group, as it was two years ago to convince AMD of its capabilities, managing to gain greater Radeon autonomy from the rest of AMD employees.
At the beginning of the current week, Intel announced that it will create a new Core H-Series, designed to integrate into laptops with AMD, which will produce the integrated video card.

Seeing the situation as a whole, Nvidia’s future seems to be getting more and more difficult. Intel will enter the GPU Desktop market with its future stand-alone video cards, and the new AMD graphics processors will come in laptops.


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